Corgi's Level Up Challenge

This challenge (The Sims 4) is meant to be some parts Rags to Riches, some parts Apocalypse. The point of this challenge was to give myself something new, something that will force me to start off with things other than the usuals – bed, toilet, sink, or party bush. Instead, I'm forced to plan my picks in a certain order, and strategize my choices, including item quality vs price. The intention was to make the challenge increasingly difficult as you go; and, you must finish the challenge with one Sim, on the Normal lifespan. Once your Sim dies (either by old age or otherwise) the challenge is over.

Preparing for the Challenge

  1. Create a single-Sim household with standard starting funds. This Sim must not have any bonus traits outside of the one that comes with an Achievement.

  2. Move the household into a lot as large or small as you want. It must be a completely bulldozed lot. Build a 3x2 basement with no stairs, doors, or windows.

  3. Reduce household funds to $1000 without purchasing any items. (Refer to this guide on how to set household funds.)

  4. Move your Sim into the basement by using Teleport. (Refer to this guide on how to enable cheats, then shift+click the basement floor, select Teleport)

  5. Purchase and place your first item from the list in Level 1, and begin your challenge.

The Rules

  1. Your Sim may not leave the house until doors in Level 4 have been unlocked.

  2. No other Sims outside of the household may enter the house until doors in Level 4 have been unlocked.

  3. You must start with only 1 (one) original Sim, which will be the main character of the challenge.

  4. You may not start with a Sim that has:
    • Existing skills – all skills must start at their lowest
    • Bonus traits – only the traits that are available from first creating a Sim, including the bonus trait from their Aspiration, until they are unlocked throughout the challenge.
    • Items in household storage or pockets – the only items your Sim is allowed to own are ones found, gifted, or purchased after starting the challenge.

  5. You may use an occult Sim (alien, ghost, mermaid, servo, spellcaster, vampire, werewolf, plantsim, skeleton) – but if you do, you must complete 3 goals in the Final Boss level instead of 2.

  6. You must use a lot that has no lot traits of any kind. (You may, however, use Lot Challenges. The more, the better.)

  7. You may not use cheats, mods, or custom content that would positively affect your odds of beating the challenge. (Those that could hinder your Sim, however, are certainly accepted.)
    • You may use the Teleport cheat at the beginning of the challenge to move your Sim into the basement; after that, you may not use the Teleport cheat again.

  8. You must start at Level 1; after reaching the minimum threshold of household funds to move on, you must proceed to Level 2.
    • You may not skip around on levels – you must complete them in numerical order (1,2,3,4,5).
    • You may only purchase one item per level list, per unlock. For example: once you have unlocked Level 4, you may purchase one item each from Levels 4, 3, 2, and 1. However, once you have purchased an item from a list, you may not purchase from that list again until the next level is unlocked.
    • Unless specified, you may only purchase 1 of each item as you unlock them. For example: you may only purchase 1 sink from Level 2 per level unlock, but you may purchase as many doors as you like from Level 4. If you want to purchase a second sink, you must wait until you unlock the next level.

  9. You may earn Simoleons by selling items in your inventory or pockets; you may also earn Simoleons by selling photos, selling paintings, publishing books, etc. You may even earn Simoleons by selling on Plopsy. You may only join a career once you have unlocked doors in Level 4.

  10. You may not continue the challenge with children, spouses, siblings, or other Sims – even if the original Sim dies. Once the original Sim dies and the Grim Reaper has left the lot, the challenge is over.
    • Another Sim may plead with the Grim Reaper for the life of the original Sim to be restored; if Grim agrees, and the original Sim comes back to life, the challenge may continue.

The Object

The object of the challenge is to successfully unlock all levels, then complete 2 goals from the final level's list, before the original Sim dies.

The Levels

In order to complete each level and move on to the next, you must have the level's indicated amount in your household funds, not including purchased items. Once you have unlocked the next level, you may select one item from the unlocked level's list, plus one item from each of the previously completed level(s). You may also build up to the indicated house size on each level (with unlimited interior walls; just remember, doors are in Level 4).

Level 1: $1,000 in household funds (starting house size 3x2)
'party bush'

Level 2: $2,000 in household funds (add up to 2x2, or 4 tiles, to house size)
counter (unlimited #)
chair (unlimited #)

Level 3: $5,000 in household funds (add up to 3x3, or 9 tiles, to house size)
garden pot

Level 4: $7,000 in household funds (add up to 4x4, or 16 tiles, to house size)
lighting (unlimited #)
flooring (unlimited #)
wallpaper (unlimited #)
door (unlimited #)

Level 5: $10,000 in household funds (add up to 5x5, or 25 tiles, to house size)
workout equipment
crafting equipment (candle-maker, floral table, etc)
video station
1 helpful lot trait
windows (unlimited #)

Please note: if you are missing one or more items from the above lists because you do not own the packs that contain them, you may substitute another item not listed in any of the level lists. Or, sub in your own items anyway. It's your challenge, play how ya want.

The Final Boss: Complete 2 of the following
  1. Reach the top of a career branch (level 10)
  2. Master 2 skills (level 10 each)
  3. Max friendship with 2 Sims not in the household
  4. Raise 10 babies to young adulthood (use 100 baby challenge rules, minus the career and leaving the house restrictions)

After completing 1 of the above "Final Boss" goals, you may unlock 1 additional item per level.

So I completed the challenge.

"What do I get?"

Nothin. Bragging rights? I just hope you have fun, and it's as challenging as I want it to be. And if it's not, feel free to adapt it to make it your own flavor of challenging. Just please tag me if you do!



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